One Choice.
Greater Impact.

MagicPak All-In-One® HVAC Systems can help drive more value in multifamily and mixed-use living. By shedding the constraints of traditional split systems, MagicPak® can offer expanded design freedom, dramatically faster installation and a greater impact over the life of the development, all in one proven system.

Free Your Vision

MagicPak All-In-One® HVAC Systems eliminate the constraints of condensing units and line chaseways, opening new design possibilities and more space for value-added amenities — all without adding to your building footprint.

Open Up Your Options

Preserve the integrity of your vision and drive value in competitive markets by eliminating outdoor equipment on the ground and roof.

Without MagicPak
With MagicPak

Drive 6-8%

greater value per unit1 with in‑demand amenities2

Drive 6-8%

greater value per unit1 with in‑demand amenities2

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Optimized For Multifamily

Every component of MagicPak All-In-One® HVAC Systems has been purposefully engineered to optimize the multifamily environment from specification to occupancy.


Integrated heating and cooling systems in a tiny 3’ × 3’ footprint.

MCE Residential All-In-One Unit

Electric Heating/Electric Cooling

MGE Residential All-In-One Unit

Gas Heating/Electric Cooling

MHP Residential All-In-One Unit

Electric Heat Pump


Integrated heating and cooling with built-in features for cold environments, including available high-efficiency models.

HWC Residential All-In-One Unit

Gas Heating/Electric Cooling

EWC Residential All-In-One Unit

Electric Heating/Electric Cooling

Efficiency At
Every Step

MagicPak All-In-One® HVAC Systems provide greater efficiency across every step of construction—minimizing trade conflict and simplifying scheduling—helping to slash weeks out of your construction schedule. When deadlines are critical, MagicPak helps bring your building to occupancy faster and at lower cost.

Slash Your Installation Time

Faster installation helps lead to faster occupancy.

Installs in half the time

Save up to 1.5 hours3 per unit

Minimize trade conflict

Save up to 2 hours3 per unit

Reduces cost and time on the jobsite

No specialty trades to run additional gas, water or refrigerant lines

Can help cut weeks out of your total construction schedule3


With integrated design and simplified maintenance, repair and replacement features engineered into every detail, MagicPak All-In-One® HVAC Systems can help drive savings over the life of the building.

Streamline And Save

MagicPak systems can drive lifetime savings over traditional split systems.

Virtually no exposure from the elements can reduce repair and maintenance costs4

Easy front access to all repairable parts

Simpler maintenance can help drive long-term savings

Design with MagicPak and

Save Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars

in lifetime repair and maintenance costs over a twenty-year period.3

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MagicPak is the proven leader of integrated HVAC systems for multifamily construction. It’s all we do. In fact, we created the category. Every project is backed by deep expertise and a team of specialists ready to help open new opportunities for design, speed and savings in your multifamily project.

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1 CNBC “city roof decks raising the stakes on housing” 2016.
2 Multifamily design + construction multifamily amenities 2019 report.
3 Comparison time and cost savings are calculated based on a developer/owner over a twenty-year period for a 150-unit building buildings using conventional single split systems, where average installation times include condensing unit pads, wiring and line hookups and additional commission checks. Internal MagicPak Total Capital Expense and Operating Costs 2017 study
4 Comparison savings are based on Internal MagicPak HVAC Comparison 2017 study